Misconceptions of Christianity

I came home and just started writing. About Christiantity. About people’s misconceptions of Christianty. I was just going to put it all on here, but it may be kinda confusing. And I want to have the chance, that when I put it up here, it is said in such a way that maybe someone will read it and it will make and influence on their life, or in the way they view Christianity.

So it is going to take some revisions and some work. But I am impressed with what I have come up with so far. When I first sat down I just started ranting and getting all excited. Once I finally settled down and began to write rationaly it began to take shape and turn out much better/clearer.

I have also been downloading all this Vineyard Worship Music. It really added to the whole experience.

It has been quite fun, but now I must go to bed. Some of us have to work for a living. *laugh*


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