No career in musicals for me…

Don't deserve to be in JCS.
You don’t deserve to be in Jesus Christ Superstar.
Ha. You’re stupid. Either you haven’t seen
Jesus Christ Superstar, or you didn’t like it.
That’s insane. You have no taste. You
probably think Grease is the best musical ever.

What role should you play in Jesus Christ Superstar?
brought to you by Quizilla

I gotta love my job. So far today I have read 180 pages in a book I just started. I feel bad about it though. At the same time there are ppl, like Jo, that are working their asses off to finish shit for school and I am sitting around reading a book and getting paid. Granted the pay is just enough to live on, but still… I feel kinda bad. *sigh* But what can I do. I will go back to work and finish my book.


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