Why must this happen?

Some people are so ignorant. I was sitting on the train this morning, and in another seat was this middle-age white trashy women. At one of the stops an asian women got on and sat across from this white woman. This white lady made a big show of pulling her scarf (one of those little silk flowy things) over her mouth and nose, glaring at this other woman. She looked away, out the window, but kept looking over and giving this asian women dirty looks. The asian women was just ignoring her, and I didn’t see any visible signs that she noticed, but still. I just wanted to slap that lady. When I read in the paper that ppl on the c-train were avoiding asian ppl because of this whole SARS thing I thought is was just a joke, or a few isolated cases. It was awful. I was so pissed off. Grrrrr…..!


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