Only 20 and my body is already crapping out on me

I don’t know what is happening to me. My body is falling apart. I did something to my leg and it is killing me. I have this pain that runs parallel to my shin bone, and into my ankle. It hurts all the time, most expecially while and after running. There is also a spot just above my ankle that is tender to the touch. My physical has been moved to next tuesday, but I haven’t run in 4 days because it hurts and I don’t want to aggrvate it further. I have to go see the doctor, but I am not sure when I can go.

I can see my life falling to pieces in front of me. If I don’t get into the army I am fucked. Maybe I should find out how long I can put off my physical for? First I should go to the doctor though, and find out what is gimping me up. Then I will see about my physical. I think I can run through the pain for my physical, but what if I hurt myself further? To many unknown variables… First to the doctor. Then I will go from there.


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