Last couple of days: thoughts and stuff

Well it pains me to say this, even more so to immoratalize these words…I kinda like Coldplay. *cringe* Yeah…Chris had is playing last night, and I was just sitting there, listening to it, and I realized it is actually quite beautiful music. His voice isn’t as whiny as I had once thought. It is quite medolious. So, just for the record, I think they are alright. No need to rub it in my face, or anything like that. We will just leave it here. *smile*

I was reading an article on the way home today on the train re: the munchies and why, psychologically, they occur. The article started off alright. Fairly technical, but decent. Though it continues on and becomes an article promoting the positive aspects of pot, the medicinal purposes and whatnot. I didn’t quite understand how it deviated so much…it was kinda disapointing.

We got to see Miss Sam today. That was really nice. She was tired, she had done a lot of driving as of late, with minimal sleep, so she wasn’t really herself. That was kinda sad, but now that she lives close I will get to see her alot more, and she is even going to come to church with us. Yay!

Chris was telling me about this stuff he learned in his communication class on listening. He asked me if I was a pseudo-accomadator. It was funny, putting labels to things. I have never really understood some peoples obsession with labeling absolutly everything but anyway… Yeah, so I found out that I am a pseudo-accomadator listener, at least sometimes and with certain people. A pseudo-accomadating listener is someone that says they agree with the other person yet holds onto his/her won views. Or something along those lines. It was 2 o’clock in the morning. I found it quite interesting/funny though. ‘Twas amusing.

~~I like using “‘Tis, and ‘Twas,” they are fun~~

Mama Bean and I went to the Lizard/Snake/Amphibian show yesterday. It was really cool. I have decided I want to get a bearded lizard. They are from Australia and kick ass. They go from about 2″ —> 22″ in about 1.5 years. It would be fun to have one. I don’t know if I am going to be allowed to have lizards in dorms at SAIT though, so I am going to have to wait on it for now. But I will see.

We went to Danny’s place for dinner tonight because it is Desiree’s birthday tomorrow. When Des’ parents showed up they actually remembered me, and my name. I had only met them on one previous occasion and was/am quite impressed that they remembered me, even more so for remembering my name. It made me feel special.


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