Christian Youth

Sitting at Tim Horton’s across from Center Street Church tonight, Mama Bean and I noticed how church people are so very indentifiable. I am not sure whether it is because they just got out of a service and they exuded this “christianness” or what. Though it is quite often noticeable, especially with Youth group kids. They have this innocent sort of rebeliousness to them. Mama Bean was telling about how it was like that when she went to youth. They act and dress differently (oh, another point for me for using my adverb correctly). There was this one kid there, with an iron cross for his belt buckle, yet he had neon green suspenders. The way they walk, act, talk, dress. So foreign to me. Since I have never gone to a youth group, have didn’t know this. I just knew that my religion-dar would go off.

It was neat, sitting in this Tim’s while it slowly filled up with church people. The buzz in the air was so comforting. They seemed to give off this aura. It was like being home. The same vibes I got at CBC. It made me miss it, yet happy that I was surrounded by it. ‘Twas a really strange, yet nice, feeling.


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