Job Interview Already

2 entries in less than 12 hours, I am on a roll. *laugh*

Well I managed to get myself an interview. *smile* Though it is one of those come out with us and lets see how well you do types. I hate those kinds. That means I have to actually know/remember something, and there is the pressure, always the pressure…..ARGH!

I have it on Wed. My day off. Then he is talking about me starting the week after. What to do about this job? The hair salon one. I will tell him today what is going and and we can go from there. I don’t want to quit, just work Sat. maybe?

I will need to buy a car though. That is the bad thing. ‘s okay though. I will talk to my dad about that. He wants to buy a truck, maybe I can buy something with him. We’ll see.

I am just excited. I only sent out 5 resumes so far.

Till another time…


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