Tough Choice…

~Yay! I got into see the podiatrist. That is awesome. I was supposed to wait another 2 weeks, but there was a cancellation and I got in. Yay!

~t.a.T.u.’s english album sucks. I enjoy the russian one, but it loses alot coming to english. It’s too bad. Oh well.

~I have to quit my job today… Another guy called me and offered me a job last night. *sigh* I only sent out 5 resumes, and already 2 have called me. It is another painting job. Pays $10-15/hr. I don’t need a vehicle. I have to call him today and ask if he can wait for a week and a half in order to be fair to Mark. I will tell Mark today that I quit, but if this guy calls me back tonight and says he won’t wait I will have to go into work tomorrow and tell Mark I don’t quit. So I really hope this guy doesn’t mind waiting. It seems like a great job though. I just really don’t want to leave this one. It is the first time I have ever had a job where people really appreciate me. Where they need me. They are going to be really mad. Everyone. They all love me. Mark is going to be all passive-aggressive until I leave, making my life miserable. *sigh* This is going to suck. I really hope things work out. *sigh* What to do, what to do…


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