a prolix, tedious bit of crap

I just finished watching Bruce Almighty. It was quite good. It was a really shitty copy that someone filmed on a hand recorder in a theater, but it was fun. There are lots of little semi-hidden messages. I like Jim Carrey though, so I am a little biased.

I got to go for lunch with my Mama Bean today. That was really nice. I won’t be able to do that anymore…I start my new job next week. I am getting a little nervous about it, but I am excited.

As I was perusing different scholarships on the net today, I noticed that there are a lot of essay ones. I think I am going to have to try my hand at writing a few of them. See if I can get any money for school. There is this one on Thomas Wolfe. I think he is one of those romantics from way back when, so I decided to get a book of his (using my wonderful library card of course). Even if I don’t do the essay, I figure it would be good to familiarize myself with some of his writings as he is supposed to be such an amazing guy. (I think we studied something by him in grade 12)

Why can’t things just hurry up? Like life. I know years from now I will wish that things had gone slower and there are so many things I missed out on. But right now, I just want time to go by. I want to be in school already, not having to work for another 3 months. I want to be done school and have Mama Bean back home so I can marry her (Shhhh…). I just want life to get somewhere so that I can settle down and live. I hate all this hoping around, school to school. Job to job. Besides the drain on monetary funds, it is stressful. Despite what many people think, I don’t actually enjoy it. I would much rather be going into my fourth year of something. Be one year away from getting my degree. In what? Who knows, something I enjoy preferably. But then what do I enjoy? One semester it is personal training, the next it is industrial mechanics, followed shortly after by Bible College and then computers. WTF!?!?! Why can’t I just decide? Why can’t I just do something? Stick with something. Like I have stuck with Jo. Almost 2 years and never a thought about quitting. Why can’t I do that with the rest of my life? ARGH!!!

One day. One day things will come together and everything will be fine and dandy.

Yeah right.

Wednesday, Jun. 04, 2003~~9:28 p.m.

I just downloaded the new OLP album, I kinda like it. It is pretty decent. I love high speed internet. It is too bad I used such a good word in my title for such a crappy entry…

I have to get up and go to physio for 7:45 tomorrow morning. I don’t think I have been up that early in a very long time. My calf is still sore from the massage she gave me last week.

maybe I should go to bed soon…


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