Poor Sicky Me

I feel like total shit right now. I think I must have the absolute worst immune system. It is the middle of the friggin summer and I have a cold. What gives?

I also burned my arms and back of my neck quite bad today, I am sure that didn’t help matters.

When I started this just, I told myself, “No sick days.” Cause sometimes I take them even if I am not too terribly sick. Just cause the break is nice and the rest does get rid of that little bit that is wrong with me. But right now I am really sick. I feel so awful.

I love the dry, bitterness of xtra strength Neo-citron. It is so wonderful.

I can’t sleep though. I am coughing too much. I bought this neo-citron, but I forgot to buy some cough syrup, oh but for a tablespoon of buckleys right now.

I am going to finish this lovely drink and try to sleep. Call my boss in the morning, feel bad about it, and sleep some more. Buy some cough syrup, and then sleep somemore. Sound like a good deal? It does to me. ‘Cept the feeling bad part. I hate calling in sick. Even though I am really sick…sad. It is like the boy who cried wolf, kinda, cept twisted and backwards kinda like.

Well I am all done my drink and I am getting sleepy. My coughing is kinda subsiding so I guess we will see how my night goes…


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