Why can’t things just fall into place for a change?

Okay, so the gov’t decided, in their infinite wisdom to cut my student funding from previous levels of $7500/yr to $1650/sem. They say it is because they expect my parents to contribute over $5000, and that I am expected to live at home. I don’t get that. I am slowly working on my parents to convince them to give me some money for school, and I think they are going to crack, but live at home? I think not. I can’t go from living on my own to living at home again. Life just doesn’t work that way. I can’t do that. Complete freedom to my parents control. Not even that much control but still. There are so many more thigns that I can do living on my own. I wouldn’t feel guilty about coming home at all hours of the night. Grr…. Why must things be so difficult. I would save SO MUCH money by living at home though. I could even live at home for the first year, save the money I would have spent on rent because my mom said that they wouldn’t charge me rent if I lived at home and was going to school. I would save $2500 in rent alone, never mind phone and whatnot. But if I live at home I could get cheap internet, my own phone line and stuff…. WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? Can’t life just be simple for a little while? Can’t things just fall into place and work out for me?

Living at home I would also make being able to go and visit Mama Bean a whole lot cheaper. It would make life easier to get a job, because there are a lot more farther south. And it would save me so much money. *sigh* And I don’t have Mama Bean around to talk to.

No rent. A little bit for food. A low phone bill. No roomates, just a family. A brother and parents with a car. Just think of all the money I could save. Just think… Just think of the freedom I would have to give up. Is sacrificing freedom to save money worth it? Maybe not in the short-term, but long-term?

*sigh* What to do…


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