Stupid Weather

We just spent all day working our asses off, getting yelled at, and it is possibly all ruined.

It was a lovely day today. Lots of sun, no clouds, none of the predicted rain. Till now. We finished at 4, and it is now five. And it the hail is coming down like you wouldn’t believe. Huge ones. Like 3 cm across. Not even a nice little sprinkle. The house could have handled that, but I don’t think this will go over very well. It is a latex paint. There was not even any rain to precede the hail. Just rain. Now it is pouring. Lots of lightening. The right bright stuff with really loud thunder. I haven’t seen or heard anyhting like this in a long time.

And Lawrence was already in a really pissy mood today. He kept yelling at Jordan and I, cursing and swearing. Yelling at the ladders. Yelling at us b/c of the ladders. Yelling at the radio b/c the reception sucked. Then he proceeded to pick up and throw the radio. Lots of fun. I can just imagine what he will be like tomorrow. *sigh* Maybe, by some stroke of luck, the paint is fine. Maybe it has all dried and is going to be okay. That is all I can hope for.

Well I have decided to sacrifice freedom to keep myself from further debt. See yesterday. Well, not all debt, but a substantially less amount. It is going to be really tough, but I am sure I will be able to handle it.

It is still coming down pretty staedy, but it is no longer a torential downpour. I really hope it didn’t wreck our days work.

I was going to go and see Eve 6 tonight. They are playing at the coke stage, but not till 8:30. Hopefully it will have cleared up by then. This doesn’t look to be a very long storm. Just short and powerful. I can already hear the lightening and thunder moving away. I am also going to see Cheap Trick on Fri, and spend the afternoon at the stampede with Mama Bean on Sun., and see Treblecharger. That will be cool. They had lots of awesome bands this year. Not just at the stampede but at this other thing they have at the Telus convention center. doug and the slugs, chilliwack, trooper, april wine. It is really impressive. It is too bad I am too poor to go. Oh well, another time.

I really hope this weather picks up. Why couldn’t we have another drought year, at least until I am done painting.

Oh, and a big RIP to the man, Barry White, who kicked the bucket on the weekend.

Later that evening…9:30pm

Well I didn’t make it to Eve 6 sad… Oh well, I still get to see Cheap Trick on Fri, and Treblecharger on Sun. That will have to do. I will survive.

It did stop raining though. That is a good thing. I guess I will find out tomorrow morning how things are going to work out. We were possibly going to have Fri. off because Lawrence always goes to the rodeo, but I dunno. Stupid Weather!


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