Ego Boost

Well, the rain did ruin our paint job. Sad… We sprayed the whole house. All of it, and it was all ruined. Since the paint was water-based, and it wasn’t dry yet, the water mixed with the paint, diluted it and ran down the house. My boss, amazingly enough was in a good mood as well. Jordan called in sick, because he hurt himself working out, again. So it was just Lawrence and I. I am hoping Lawrence noticed that I work harder when he is in a good mood. I was hauling ass today. Moving shit, running around, setting things up. Sanding, scraping, etc… We should hopefully finish up most everything tomorrow, and then just have to go back for a 1/2 day to finish. That will be nice. Then we get to move onto another job. I am not sure if I get Fri off yet, but I will find out tomorrow.

I got the biggest ego boost today. I went to the salon to visit and pick up my pay stubs, and they have hired a new girl. Dannia, or something like that. Karyn was really happy to see me, she came over and gave me a hug. *smile* I felt special. Then she did my eyebrows for free. Yay! When she took me into her room, the first thing out of her mouth was, “She is dumber than a stick.” It was so funny. Apparently she has been there for a couple of weeks now, and is just totally useless. She can’t work on Saturdays, one of the busiest days, and is just all around dumb. Mark said that just because he hired someone awesome (me), they aren’t used to this girl and they have to give her a chance, as they are not doing that now. Or so says Mark. *big smile* I thought it was great. As I was standing there I could feel my head swelling.

I don’t think things are going to work out for the army for this summer. I still am not able to run. I haven’t been to physio for the past month, but the podiatrist said to only go for another week or two after I saw him and I went for 3 before switching jobs forced me to stop. I think I will start going again, but I have to talk to Lawrence. As I don’t have a car, it makes it difficult to get around because we aren’t on a c-train or main bus route. So as I still can’t run, I don’t know if I will be able to join in the fall. I have been biking more, but I don’t think that will cut it. Maybe in January… This isn’t helping my plan any. I have this perfectly worked out plan, and this is screwing it up. I will just have to make some minor adjustments and see what I can do. I was kinda counting on receiving the $2000/yr from the military to help with my school, and as a decent paying p/t job. Though I don’t even know if they will let me join now that I have this problem with my foot. The fact that I need to wear orthotics will be a hamper to my combat ability. Hmm… I think I will call my case office and talk to her.

Now, I am going for a bike ride, I hope it doesn’t rain.


I just finished biking 30 km. For someone that only bikes maybe once a week, that is rather impressive. I went from downtown, and followed the bow river pathway all the way down to fish creek park. That is a long friggin way. I am so tired. When I stopped to cross a street near the end, I was to tired to unclip my pedal in time and fell over. Right there on the street. I came to a stop, a fell over. How sad is that. Now my forarm and elbow is swelling. I should ice it. I am really tired. I am going to go have a shower and eat something. I can’t believe I just did that. BTW, I took the train back, I didn’t bike back. Sorry.


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