Familiar Strangers

You know those people that you see everyday, i.e. on the bus or train or walking down the street. Those “familiar strangers,” I believe the term is. I have this urge to say hi to them. Nothing more. Just a casual good morning. I see them everyday, it is almost as if I know them. To me, the next thing to do is to say hi to them. You don’t have to take it any farther than that. But I am told this is because of my “small town mentality.” Growing up in a smaller community, this is just what happens. You say hi to people. A friendly greeting. But apparently this violates some sort of rule. Takes the relationship places it doesn’t need to go. I don’t really understand this. Well, I kinda do, but I still have the urge to say hi to them. And maybe I will. Just to break this cycle. Make some people uncomfortable. Maybe they will see the err in their ways or maybe it will brighten someones day. That would be nice. I like brightening people’s days.

On a side note, not for those with a weak stomach, some Malaysian dude, over the weekend, who was high on hallucinangenics, cut off his penis, fried it, and ate it. He didn’t realize what he had done until later, when he noticed all the blood flowing from his groin area. Sad…

And in sports news, Dion Sanders, NFLer, and half-decent, major league baseball player, is being sued by a mechanic that did work on one of his vehicles. Apparently Dion had a $4500 bill, that he only paid $1500 of. Dion claims that Jesus told him he only had to pay this much and that he wanted the “Praise Jesus” discount. Will wonders never cease… He is a professional athlete, it isn’t like he is short on cash.


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