Hunting for Bambi

For all the adventure seekers out there that are ready to take it to the next level. A new “sport” has arrived. Bambi Hunting. No, there is no deer involved, nor real guns.

It involves paintball guns, liquored up, masochistic guys, that travel from as far away as Germany, and naked women, who are most likely tricked on on Crystal Meth. The point of this “sport?” To shoot naked women with paintball guns. I can’t think of anything more degrading to women. These guys pay 5 to 10 grand to partake in this oh so fun activity. There are various ranches in Nevada that are hosting events such as these. I mean, WTF!? Are these girls that just don’t cut it in the strip club? Or can’t make ends meet working the street? C’mon on, in the grand scheme of things these girls make prostitutes look like brain surgeons. For their efforts, the girls receive $2500 if they don’t get shot, and $1000 if they do get hit. This is in an effort to keep it as “natural as possible”, says one of the ranch owners. What is this world coming to? For more info see Hunting For Bambi.


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