We went strawberry picking yesterday. It was lots of fun. Then we came home and made jam. I haven’t tried any yet, but I am hoping it is good.

There was a guy sitting aross the aisle from me on the train today, with 14 earings in his left ear, increasing in guage as they went down. Both his lobes were stretched with 1 1/2″ dia. circles. It was kinda gross. He was also wearing sandles with his toenails painted this puke yellowish-green. He was a pretty ugly guy too. Oh, and he was wearing short shorts with a band tattoo around his upper thigh. Strange people.

I went to the foot doctor today, he says I shouldn’t start my running program again until Sept. Sad…

Only 5 more weeks of work left. I am quite looking forward to the end of that, and the beginning of school.

Folk Fest is on the weekend. I am getting veryt excited. I have never been before, so this will be totally new for me. And I can’t wait to try this amazing cider that I have been looking forward to for about 4 months now.

I think that is it. Maybe more later.


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