I Won!

Fun and exciting news: I won a one year membership to a gun club and rifle range. Yay! That is so sweet. It took a little while to sink in, so I wasn’t really excited when I first found out. But now I am elated. This is so cool. I never win things. Now I have to goa dn write my Restricted Firearms Safety Test, so that I can buy my dad’s 9mm, and start practicing and maybe competing. YAY! I am so excited.

Folk Fest is today. Another big YAY! Elvis Costello is playing tonight. I am so excited. I think it may rain, but whatever. I had a good day. It was like 20 degrees all day, so I didn’t roast my butt off, and my boss was in a decent mood. And, I found out that he, my boss, is going on vacation on Aug 2. How sweet is that? I will get to work by myself for the whole week. Set my own hours and whatnot. Actually take coffee breaks. It will be a little boring though. Working all by myself, and I will just be painting baseboards all day, so that is going to suck. And it is all indoors, where the air is stuffy and dry, thus killing my contacts. This is starting to sound not-so-great afterall, but there is no Lawrence (boss) so everything will be just peachy. So once again, YAY!

Today’s entry has been brought to you by the letters, Y and A, and the punctuation mark, !.


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