What happened to manners? To politeness? I mean, is it to much for someone to say please and thank you? Or excuse me please instead of move? Or stay on the ladder, instead of “Get on the fucking ladder!”

Yes, once again I had to deal with my boss and his temper tantrums. I think of all the people I know, his politness is almost non-existent, even when he is in a decent mood. the only time I have ever heard him say sorry, was to a cocoon that he had to pull out of the soffits because we were painting. Never any other time. When he asks for things there is never any please or thank you, (actually I think he has said please once) it is always an order. I know the guy doesn’t particularly like me and everything, but give me some credit. I don’t enjoy coming to work and getting shit and abuse all day. Well not all day, but whenever it happens, it makes it seem like all day.

I just wish people in general would be more polite. Hold doors for each other, say hi, help people when they need it, stop and check if someone is okay if they trip and fall. Politeness was drilled into my brain from the moment I could move. I know I am not alway the politest person in the world, but I generally make a point to try.

I know I am just whining, but I had a shitty morning and needed to get it out. My boss was pissy, I forgot my lunch, and instead of it being overly hot, it was cold. WTF?!

I get to go to Folk Fest soon. I am very excited. It was lots of fun last night. I only knew two of Elvis’ songs, but he was amazing. So were the other guys we saw, except this little dude from Norway. He kinda sucked.


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