what a wonderful weekend

Final Day at Folk Fest:

I saw Kim Barlow’s(the picture doesn’t do her justice, she is far cuter) little concert, bought her CD, gingerbread, and met her and got an autograph. How cool is that?! The CD is amazing. I am quite enjoying it. She has this song, “Garage Sale” which is quite amusing with a catchy tune. She has this song, “Like a baby” about an anorexic cheerleader, which is a little disturbing.

This one workshop, with Buck 65, Slainte Mhath, and Horace X, was awesome. The music got totally out of hand, and Buck 65 even played Black Sabbath’s “Ironman” on his turntables. It was so cool.

Blue Rodeo was awesome. It was nice to hear some stuff that I actually knew before the weekend.

Sarah Harmer was good. Much better than at the Sister’s of Song workshop, which I found quite boring.

You could tell that it was the end of the weekend, everyone was subdued, there wasn’t as much cheering, and lots of people left early.

On Thurs. evening, I came home and was reminising about the day, and was a little disapointed. It was quite what I expected it to be, and was worried the rest of the weekend would be more of the same. Kinda boring. Boy was I wrong. I just kept getting better. Despite the heat, the bands kept rocking and the people kept cheering and dancing. What a festival.

For my first Folk Fest ever, I must say it was amazing. Thank you so much ladies (Jo, Heather, Kari) for the wonderful weekend, and showing me just how much fun folk fest can be. For putting up with my drunkeness and having fun with the fruit.

“Dairies, Dairies, Dairies.” -Heather

The atmosphere was awesome, the people were awesome (except for the masses of scary lesbians on Sat.), and the company was fantastic.

Thank you all.

Later that day (10:15 p.m.)

Okay, here’s the breakdown:


Flight – $411.29 CAD (incl tax) Calgary to Anaheim via Phoenix, next Tues at 7:20 and arriving at 11:07. Returning the next day, similar times (9-1). Through Expedia.ca

Concert Ticket$78.00 US for the concert ticket. Meatloaf. 8pm. 2nd Tier.

Hotel? I am not sure yet, I am still trying to determine where I am going to stay that night until I have to be at the airport for the following morning. It is only for 8 hours. I could prolly sleep in the airport or something. Not very comfortable, but the price is right.

So should I go? Or no? I really want to. But it is expensive. I know I am going to regret it for the rest of my life, every time a Meatloaf song comes on the radio I am going to kick myself because I didn’t go and see him on his final tour. I have to. It is only just over $500. I can just cut corners in other areas of my life, like moving home instead of living in res. Yeah, that is a good idea. *laugh* I have to buy the tickets by tomorrow. Or tonight at midnight, I am not sure which. I just don’t know how far it is from the airport to Anaheim Grove. I guess I should figure that out first. (just checked on the distance from teh grove to the airport, 20km, or about 17 min driving time. Taxi? Bus? Shuttle? Let’s see…)

Decisions, Decisions…


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