all done!

Yay! I am all finished work. That is very exciting. I have orientation on Fri, and I start school on Mon. Happy Days!

Edmonton was lots of fun on the weekend. It was awesome to see Jon again. I must thank Mama Beanand Heather for their patience with him. I really appreciate it.

He hasn’t changed a bit. Well, if it is possible, he has become more crude, more derogatory, and more racist. But I still love the guy. We started drinking at 3, and didn’t stop until 10. Good times.

Elena’s play was quite enjoyable. There were a few actors that sucked. But for the most part it was fun. Lots of Britney music, lots of pop parody, and all around great times.

My internet has been down for the past few days. I don’t know why. It doesn’t seem to want to work. My modem keeps overheating, and then my internet doesn’t work. Just access to web pages though. E-mail and MSN still works fine. So does playing games online. It is annoying. So now that I finally get a chance to update, I have forgotten all the things I was going to say.


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