It’s My Birthday

It is my birthday. Yay! Kari and Heather got me the coolest stuff. A purple folder, a purple notebook, a purple duo-tang, and purple pens. Lots of them. Every purple pen that Grand & Toy sells. It was really cute. Thank you ladies.

Written Friday, Aug. 22, 2003 ~~ 5:00p.m.

Okay, so I think I have made some friends. Well I have taken the first steps to making friends. But it is a start. Amit is from India (though he introduced himself as Paul, so I am not sure), Chris has come from India as well, by way of Toronto (there are more than 5 Chris’s in my class, all Christophers), Keith, he is from around here I think (he’s a little strange), and there was one other guy…oh right. Mike, no, not mike…Mark. Yeah, that’s it. He is from way north in Sask. He is living in res and seems pretty cool as well. Most of my class seems pretty cool. A couple of guys that will annoy me but these guys seem alright.

So yeah, these are the people I hung out with today. That, and my Computer Fundamentals prof (will be my C prof next semester) She is crazy! I swear that women is on crack. He always walks like a bizillion miles an hour, she is like 5 foot nothing. This little petite woman whose last name happens to be Diane “Pettite” Exactly. She is lots of fun. She knows everyone in my groups class. There are about 100 first year students in my program and we are broken into groups of just over 30. She knows all the names of everyone in my group, and of the group I listed above, she knows where we are from. That and she gets to work at the Cher concert on Mon. How awesome is that? Though I am going to see Shania, so…

Overall it was a wonderful day. Though I did get Mama Beansicky, so I feel bad about that. It is my birthday tomorrow though. That is very exciting. Mama Beanand I are going to the fireworks thingy.

P.S. Heather always has the coolest guestbook entries.

I talked to Mark today and I will be starting work next Fri. BTW, when I told Amit that I was a receptionist at a hair salon, he has been the first person NOT to laugh at me. He actually thought it was pretty cool, though he has spent the last year since he moved from India working at a Mickey Dees. So I now have a job for Fri evenings and Saturdays. So 12 hours a week. That isn’t too bad. Decent hours.

I am thinking about trying out for the Cheer and Stunt squad at SAIT but I am not sure. I haven’t worked out in awhile, so I don’t know if I would be up to it. I think I may drop by and check out the competition. Maybe next year.

I have decided that I am going to become involved in SAIT stuff this year. I think I am going to do some volunteering. Safewalk, or something like that. They also have this volunteer program where they set you up with companies, and it is kinda like a work practicum if you get something in your field. So I am thinking I might do something like that after Christmas when I know a little more about computers and stuff.

As an aside, these are some of the worst grapes I have ever eaten. (I am eating grapes as a write this)


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