i guess it’s fair , but it still sucks

This is the equation I have come up with
123km/h + 100km/h speed limit + police speed trap = $140 ticket in the mail.
But I can’t really complain. I speed all the time, and this is the first time I have been caught. And since it was a multanova (camera), I don’t get any demerits. So I will accept the consequences of my actions and life will go on. I still think it is retarded that the Calgary Police have handed out over 1000 tickets in the past 2 weeks on Deerfoot. I think it is ppl that drive too slow that is screwing things up. They should let us who know how to drive, and do it well, continue without obstruction.
Oh, and I plan on having a new template soon, we’ll see what i can come up with.


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