Shitty sorta day today

So I gues my attitude problem hasn’t gone away as I had hoped, I just haven’t had anyone call upon it in awhile. Bosses should know, that if people are talking and working, and you tell them to stop talking and work harder, that I am just going to work slower. And if you talk to be, don’t expect a civil answer. So yeah, attitude still there, and I don’t like my boss. I didn’t before anyway, but I didn’t have an excuse then. Now I do.
And I somehow got a flat tire today… I park at Topher’s place (Sunnyside) on days that I work so that I have my car downtown to take to work. Today I pulled up and there was this dude sitting in his truck (all official, like he owned the place or something), and I knew he was gonna say something about me just pulling in, parking, and walking away, as it is a private parking lot. And he did, and was attitudy about it, so I explained to him, and was not the most civil about it, and left to go about my day. I show up at the end of the day to go to work and I have a flat tire. I don’t know why. I figured at first that this guy, who thinks he’s all important and probably walks around with a stick up his ass all day (hey, it sounds just like my boss, fancy that) let the air out of my tire, but it could also be that I might have driven over something. It was nice that I have CAA now, so I just called them and he changed my tire for me, cause I hate the jack that cars come with, and since I’m paying for the service, I might as well use it.
Oh, and I got a 64 on my posix quiz and a 68 on my networks quiz. The apathy has set in and I just want to get out of there. 4 more weeks and I’m done. I can graduate and get away from this place. YAY!
But now I’m tired, and going to sleep…


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