what NOT to do at a redlight

So just a friendly warning to you all: Don’t run a red light if a cop is sitting there stopped at it.
As I was driving home from work last night the light changed while I was still quite a way, but I didn’t stop. It was a mixture of not caring, being lazy and not wanting to stop, and not really paying attention. That is until I went through the light and looked over to see a police car stopped at the light facing the other direction.
So yeah, he pulled me over, asked my why I ran it to which i replied that I wasn’t paying attention. He took my license, presumably looked me up on the computer, and came back and let me go with a warning, telling me he saved me $287 (the fine for running a red)
That’s right, I ran a red light in front of a cop, told him the reason was because I wasn’t paying attention, and he let me off with a warning. I guess he was feeling nice, and because my record is clean I got off. How friggin awesome is that?!? Someone was looking over me last night.


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