it’s official…I’m a Computer Engineering Technologist!

I just received my final marks for this semester:
Peripherals A+
Networks B+
Posix A-
Technical Communications A+
Project management A
Project Design A-

This gives me a 3.76 for this semester, which is the lowest I’ve ever gotten. (3.78 last semester)
So I graduate with a 3.85, which I guess is okay. Liveable anyway. I progressivly went downhill over the course of my program. Started out with a 4.0, then a 3.85 (amazing what 2 A-‘s will do to your mark), then 3.78 and 3.76. But I only got 2 B+’s and 6 A-‘s, the rest are A’s and A+’s.
What pisses me off is that starting my third semester they dropped the mark required to get an A from 85 to 80 percent, meaning I should have a 4.0 for my second semester. But there is no sense crying over spilled milk. I’m done and that is what matters. No I just have to get a job. Anyone have any connections in the computer industry?


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