complete and utter happiness

So I got engaged on the weekend, as noted in the previous post. It’s was (and is) wonderful. Everytime I think about it, a

big grin fills my face. I spent my Saturday afternoon setting everything up. I made a candlelit path from the door, littered

with rose petals (yes, they were real *jo didn’t believe it at first*) down the stairs leading to a candle-lit table with a

single rose in front of a ring box surrounded in rose petals. I was standing in the shadows off to the side, and when Mama Bean

walked up to the table, I came out of the shadows, and knelt at her feet only to her her exclaim “You’re not serious!?!”

But, being the resilient persistant guy that I am, I forged on ahead, despite this outburst, and asked her to be my

wife. To which she obviously answered yes, thus making me a very happy man.
We are planning the wedding for May 2007. Want to come? Let me know. It’s probably going to be a large enough wedding as it is…what’s a couple more guests?
Oh, and in other wonderful news, I’ve been pre-approved for a morgage pending my completion of 3 months of employment. There is a catch though…I’m co-borrowing with my little brother. I asked him the other night if he’d move out with me, he said he would. So I called the morgage specialist, gave him our info…ta-da! Give me 2 months and I can apply, and will be subsequently approved for a $150-165,000 morgage. 🙂 How totally cool is that? Now I just have to talk to Derek, convince him to move out with me, and pay half my morgage payments, give or take. I also need to convince him to stay for a year. We probably won’t move out until close to Christmas, so that will give me some time to work on my parents to help with the downpayment, and to save up some money so that I can pay off some of these dratted student loans that are plagueing me.
So here’s hoping everything works out fine. I could have a condo/townhouse (a really nice one) by Christmas. How cool is that?
So this is my happy post. Have a good week. One more day of work!


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