an interview today and other exciting news

Alright, well I have 30 min left in my shift, at which point I will get to go home, sleep for 2 hours, get up and shower, go to an interview, go back home and crash for the remainder of the day. It’s going to suck, and I’m really hoping this interview is worth it.
So yeah, this interview is with a company called Energy Link. It is a little company that offers wireless electronics, like cell phones, and sat phones and stuff like that to Oil and Gas companies. The job is as a help desk support guy, which I’m really hoping isn’t just another phone job, but rather something a little more hands on.
Oh, and I’m also the newest addition to Southview’s worship team. 🙂 I’m playing bass for Team C. Except in Aug, when I’ll be playing on 2 teams b/c we are really short people. See I’ve only been playing for 6 months, and that’s all on my own, just pissing around, trying to teach myself how to play. I guess I haven’t done too bad of a job. And I’m now taking lessons from this other guy who also plays bass at church. I’m really excited about playing, yet really nervous at the same time. Getting up and playing in front of 500 people is rather unnerving. Especially since I have never played with other people before, except when I went to the church and “auditioned” today and played with Pastor Joe.
I’m going to take a couple more calls, and then I’m heading home to sleep.


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