my interview

Alright, so it is once again 3:40 on a Friday morning, except what differentiates this Friday from any other previous Friday is that I am at work. I have been sitting here for a good oh…let me check here…41 min. There are 10 of us here, 3 of whom are on lunch, and the rest of us are just sitting around. Coyote Ugly is playing on the TV’s, some people are playing poker, and the phones are really quiet.

So I went to my interview today. It was pretty rough. Working nights takes enough out of a guy, but to go home after a shift, sleep for 2 hours, and get up and go to an interview is just plain torture. So I went home, and slept until 5. The interview went okay, I could feel myself zoneing out quite often, but otherwise it went well. It seems like a decent enough company, benefits, RRSP contributions etc… but it only pays 30k/yr and I’d have to do oncall work outside of my regular 40 hours per week, and since it is salaried, that sucks. And it’s doing the same shitty work that I do here. I’m not sure how many more times I can ask “What can I help you with today?” only to hear “I can’t get on the internet.” I swear I’m going to lose it.

Yet I hang on. I know I will find something better. I have started applying for Millwright jobs again. I shouldn’t have stopped that in the first place, but I’m also not giving up on my computer training. Topher just told me Symantec is hiring again, so I’m going to send my resume to Craig in the morning.

Re-reading this I have noticed it is a lot of rambling. Sorry. I’m tired. I hate working nights. It takes absolutly everything out of me, leaving nothing but a husk capable of naught but customer service.


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