5 am musings

i wonder what it would be like to shave my entire body. notsomuch the shaving, but the end result. a completely hairless body. ok, so it would have to be waxed to eliminate even the slighest bit of stubble.
imagine the imperfections you would see all over your body. all the stretch marks, and bumps, and discolorations. everything that was previously covered by any amount of hair would become glareing (i don’t know how to spell this word) apparent. all the curves and contours of your body would become more prominent.
it would be so smooth.
it would probably be cold.
i think i’d miss it.
i don’t even want to imagine how uncomfotable it would be when it grows back
taking a shower would feel so cool. the water would run over your body completely differently. same with sitting in a bath, or going swimming.

*sigh* the sun is coming up. it is time for me to hide. g’night.


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