people never cease to amaze me-

Okay, so this guy calls in and can’t get online. Big suprise. The hotel he is in uses wireless access points that are located in various rooms throughout the hotel. Each access point provides internet access for 10-15 rooms.
The thing about these access points is that anybody can unplug these access points as they see fit, and in some hotels the outlet they are plugged into are connected to a light switch. So when these access points don’t have power, 10-15 rooms do not have internet access.
When I found out which access point was down I called the hotel to go to the suspect room and restart the access point. Upon arrival (i’m on the phone with the hotel staff as he’s going to there in order to walk him through the process), we find that the access point has been unplugged. Why? So that the guest can charge his cell phone. The staff politly ask the guest if he could move his cell phone charger to another outlet so that the access point can be plugged back in, allowing other guests to access the internet. He refused. He didn’t want to move his phone. The other people could wait until his phone finished charging before accessing the internet. He apparently was more important than everyone else.
At this point the hotel let me go and dealt with him themselves. I’m not sure how the situation was resolved in the end as I went home, but I really hope they didn’t follow the bullshit that “The customer is always right.”
Oh and I got my afternoon shifts back! Yay for me! So starting next week I am back on afternoons. Sun-Thurs. No more of this vampire bullshit hiding from the sun and waking up feeling hungover everyday of the week.
And now I get to go home for another day.


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