Top 7…err…6

Apparently it is “implied” that this 6 are the TOP 6, not just “any” seven. (so sayeth Jo, but not all of mine are) Oh and I modified it from Top 7 to Top 6 b/c that is all i could

come up with for most of them.

(1) Six things I plan to do before I die
become a pastor
start/plant a church
be a wonderful father, grandfather and husband
become a “good” bass player
write a book
visit australia again

(2) Six things I can do
I can play bass
I can squat 800lbs
I can be unselfish
I can build/fix computers
I can teach people how to swim, and make them feel comfortable in the water
I can make Mama Bean laugh when she is grumpy

(3) Six things I cannot do
I cannot walk and drink at the same time
I cannot wrap my head around the logic required for programming
I cannot stop constantly second guessing all of my life choices
I cannot draw
I cannot handle large social situations
I cannot be an astronaut

(4) Six things that attract me to the opposite sex
cuteness (not just looks)
a kissable face (if you have to put a bag over their face everytime you see them you aren’t going to want to kiss them)
a backbone (not literally)

(5) Seven things I say frequently
my goodness
fuck (i have quite the potty mouth, unfortunatly)
i want
i love you
i miss you

(6) Seven celebrity crushes
Nicole Kidman
Meg Ryan
Christina Ricci
Natalie Portman
Allyson Hannigan
Julia Roberts


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