random bits

– i played at church again this sunday. i’m actually getting pretty good. i still get pretty nervous for the bigger services when there are close to 500 people there, but i learned today that if i don’t even think about it, and just lose myself in the groove and the music it goes much smoother. when i break the concentration i make mistakes. (which i only made a few of, and they were only in one service)
– my parents are helping me purchase a new bass, as a christmas present. meaning nothing christmas morning, but that is okay, because i’ll have a shiny new bass. 🙂 i’m going to talk to my instructor this week about what he thinks about the different types. i found one i quite like. the sound is a little different from mine as well, it’s alot more growly, which i enjoy.
– women that drive trucks automatically move up on the hotness scale
– i finally got my notice to start paying back my student loans, it’ll be just over $100/mo for the next 12 years *laugh*
– i’m learning that buying a new house is the way to go, you just have to be careful which builder you buy from as some are shitty, others not so much.
– i’m getting excited about buying a house. i can’t wait to move out on my own and have a house that is all mine (until i get married anyway, then i’ll be even more excited)
– i play bass next sunday as well
– in 2 weeks i will be head of maintenance at a $13 million facility. i’ve been working at purolator every day for 4 hours each morning assisting maintenance there, doing PM’s (preventative maintenance, ie: greasing bearings, lubing chains, tracking belts, etc…). and the guy i’m assisting is going for brain surgery at the end of the month so i’ll essentially be taking over his job for approx 2 weeks. i’m not even done my probation. i’m starting to get a little stressed about it. i shouldn’t really, but i am.
– my social anxiety is a pain in the ass
– i’m not sure what else…i thought i had something interesting to say…guess not.
– oh yeah, i sold my rolling stones tickets for $550, i paid $400, so that is helping to pay for my bass as well. 🙂


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