Everquest 2: Birthday

So last week marked the first birthday of Everquest 2. Which means I’ve been playing for a whole year. Well not quite, I stopped for 5 months, but I am at it again. I still remember the months leading up to it, spending my days at school trolling the forums, learning all I could about the game, getting so very excited. I remember as I was installing the game I was actually shaking in anticipation. And being mesmerized watching the opening video. Only to almost break down and cry when my computer couldn’t handle the game. This is after I’d already gone upstairs, raided my parents computer, swapping video cards. So what do I do? Take my $1000 scholarship for getting more than a 3.0 GPA (i had a 4.0) and built myself a new computer (though i’m still using my parents video card. shhh…don’t tell). And then playing the game. It was like heaven. I’d go for like 20 hours straight, go to sleep for a few hours, and get up an play for another 16. It was crazy. So many new and exciting things. So much adventure and intrigue. It was/is another world. Another life. Another reality. That must be why I still go back. I still play however many hours every week. (20-30)
One thing I find amusing is that I live my life in Everquest alot like I do in RL (real life). I jump around alot. I’m constantly starting new characters, trying new things out. Getting bored, deleting them, and starting all over again. If I’d stayed with my original guy, I’d be near the top, with all the other people that started playing at launch. Sometimes that makes me a little sad, but then I just tell myself, “I’m having fun right? Isn’t that the point?” And it’s true. So I continue on. Enjoying myself. Enjoying my alternate reality. Enjoying my fellow EQ friends.


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