at a loss

There are some seriously evil fucking people in this world. I’m reading this book on child prostitution right now and it is brutal. It cuts deep. What adds to it, and really makes it hit home, is that it is written by a Calgary police officer. About activities in this city. This isn’t LA or New York, or some distant place. This is my city. This is happening right here at home.
Little girl, 8, 10, 14 years old being held prisoner, being raped, being sold for sex. Houses where girls are locked in rooms and raped, sometimes 50 times a night. Little girls who’ve been anally raped so many times they have to wear adult diapers. At the age of fucking 14.
WHAT THE FUCK!? How can this be happening? This could be happening right down the street from you and you could have no idea. (Though it’s more likely to be happening in Forest Lawn than in my neighborhood, but still) This is happening here. This is happening everywhere.
How are we supposed to just go on with our daily lives knowing this is happening around us, yet being powerless to stop it?
I’m not one to just jump on any old ethical band wagon, but this seems different.
I feel helpless, and it hurts.


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