Music Snobbery

Chart Magazine/ChartAttack.com’s 11th Annual Year-End Readers’ Poll

Following in the footsteps of Heather and Kari, here are my results.

#1 The Golden Toque Award (Best Canadian Album)
Robin Black — Instant Classic

#2 The International Golden Toque Award (Best International Album)
Green Day — American Idiot

#3 The Blissful Noise Award (Best Song)

Black Eyed Peas — “My Humps”

#4 The Throw Your Underwear Award Male (Sexiest Canadian Man)
Robin Black

#5 The Throw Your Underwear Award Female (Sexiest Canadian Woman)
Emily Haines (Metric) *tie between here and Shania Twain*

#6 The Lord Mullet Of Stanley Award (Best Haircut)
Tegan and Sara

#7 The Follow The Herd Award (Stupidest Trend)
That Flippy Haircut Every Emo Band Has *i hate emo bands*

#8 The Thank You Much—Ly Award (Best Video)
Green Day — “Wake Me Up When September Ends”

#9 The That Rocked Award (Sweet Happenings In Music This Year)

#10 The That Sucked Award
Spirit Bracelets


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