Here is a link (My House) to the realtor’s listing of my place. It was just put on the market yesterday around 4 pm. I was the first (and only) person to look at it, at 6:30. I had put an offer in by 8, and by 10:30 I signed the papers and the house became mine. Conditionally of course. Pending a condo document review (which will run me about $300), and pending my morgage being officially approved.
It’s a super cute little house. End unit, with a huge field on the other side of the fence. And across the road is a brand new Super Store. It faces south, with LOTS of windows. The entrance is tiled, with hardwood stairs going up to the top floor to the right, and a nice wide entrance hallway into the house. At the top of the stairs is the washer and dryer in a closet. Yes, the washer and dryer are upstairs, much to Jo’s delight. There are 2 bedrooms and a master bedroom. All with windows and lots of light. A nice bathroom at the end of the hall, and an ensuite off the master bedroom with a HUGE bathtub.
The main floor has a nice size kitchen with dishwasher, and stovetop microwave. Oh, and an under the counter radio/cd player/clock. ๐Ÿ™‚ The living room is kinda small and just off the dining room, but nice, with lots of windows. The carpet is stained in a section, but hopefully it will come out. If not it’s small enough to replace cheaply.
Oh, it has a single garage, that is insulated and drywalled. I just have to paint it.
The basement is finished, I love the way the ceiling is painted/stuccoed. There is a really nice wetbar. (see picture 7) I didn’t get the bar stools, though I did try.
There is a partially finished 2 pc. bathroom in the basement as well. It is all plumbed and painted, and piped through the wall, I just have to buy and install a toilet and vanity and sink. Oh, and do the floor in there. But it is quite nice, and will be a nice little project for me.
So yeah. That is my house. As long as you aren’t opening the link in Firefox the picture in the tope will have 1/8 in it. Click the box to cycle through the pictures.
And hopefully y’all can see it one day. ๐Ÿ™‚


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