Some people make me so mad. Mostly nit-picky useless fucks who are only out to make other people’s lives miserable on some power trip that serves only to make thm feel better about their own meaningless existence.
So my fucking condo corporation sends me a letter, which I received in the mail today. It is in regards to a parking issue. Below is an illustration that I drew to help me explain.

(or see it here, if it isn’t clear or doesn’t load)
My condo documents say, “No Owner, Tenant, or Occupier shall park his motor vehicle or automobile in any common area (except directly in front of his garage, sideways), unless the area is designated or alloted by the Board for his exclusive use…”
So I always park in my garage (purple). When Mama Bean was staying with me last week, I had her park in front of my place, sideways. (red) There is a no parking sign in the middle of the fence, beside where she parked, but there is no area of effect for it. This area is all common property.
And so, like the condo docs say, I’m allowed to park in the common area directly in front of my garage, if sideways. There was plenty of room left for the people opposite my house to exit and enter.
The letter I received states “Areas for Owner parking are clearly defined in the condominium By-Laws and Rules…” Uh huh, and I looked at them before having Mama Bean park there. And I am looking at them again, and I still say I’m in the right.
Unless they want me to pull the car back a metre and have it completly block my driveway. Is that what they want? To completely inconvenience me? To nitpick over minor details that are not inconveniencing anyone?
I’m not sure why they even have a “No parking” sign on that fence. It isn’t as though there is enough room there for anyone to pull a U-turn anyway.
So now I have to call them tomorrow, and act all civil, and explain myself.

Or am I mistaken here, and have I made an error and I am in the wrong? Because they are threatening me with “monetary sanctions” if this happens again. And I need that parking space b/c I want to get a roommate and it will not work having to use the driveway in front of my garage.


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