What a wonderful church I am a part of

I know I’m not the greatest bass player in the world or anything, but seriously…
I just got fucked over AGAIN for playing at church. I was scheduled to play this weekend, but I find out this other guy that I’m supposed to be rotating with is. I haven’t played since Easter, since for some reason they skipped me a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m being bypassed again. So now I don’t get to play until the end of June. Another 4 weeks from now. It’s already been 4 weeks since I last played at Easter. Seriously, what the FUCK is going on?!?
It’s just so frustrating. I practice and practice, and then find out I’m just getting screwed over again.
/sigh What a great way to treat a volunteer. And yet I stay. Why? Because I love playing live. Playing to a CD, or by myself gets old fast.


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