Knowing and Reading

I want to know Jesus with my heart, not just my head. There is something missing right now, and I think that’s what it is. I’m not sure how to go about knowing Him with my heary, but I’m gonna try anyway.
I’m going to start reading the bible. I’m going to read it like a book, beginning to end. I think what has kept me from really reading it, is that I think that I’m supposed to get something from each and every passage. That every sentence, every verse has to teach me something. But it doesn’t. Not the first time. It isn’t as though I can’t read it again. And again and again. If I read it through, the whole way through, I will learn lots. I’ll also miss lots, but that is okay. It really is. Because can just read it again.
So since I was already in bed, and got up to type this, I’m going back to bed, and will commence with the reading tomorrow.


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