Okay, so it is your boss’ birthday, but you are busy and not able to make it to the celebration. Normally not a big deal right? But what about if your boss is the Queen of Freaking England? And your job is as her personal representative to Canada? And what if it is her 80th freaking birthday? Doesn’t that take precedent over ANYTHING else that you could possibly be doing on that day? You can’t just respond to an invitation to come to the Queen’s birthday party with a “I’m sorry, I’m busy on that day.”
Sickening. Absolutely disgusting. And most people already don’t like her, mostly b/c she is “le french” (quebecois type, which is even worse), and an immigrant. So to decide to blow off the Queen’s birthday, the first time a Canadian Govenor General has missed one in over 50 years, is a deplorable act, and she should be severely chastised. Hey, let’s just fire her and put an actual CANADIAN in the job.


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