Speeding as Dance

Speeding is an artform. You can’t just go out there, step on the gas and expect to get somewhere fast. People will not just get out of your way. Some people will even try to impede your progess. You have to plan ahead, watch the road. It is constantly changing, new cars merging on, cars leaving, cars switching lanes,
The road is an ever evolving, ever changing, multi-faceted environment. It isn’t a place where you can just hop on in your car, floor the accelerator and expect to get somewhere fast. You have to know what you are doing. You have to anticipate. You have to know the road. You have to be able to read other drivers. You have to know what your car is capable of. You have to be able to watch the road, read and predict the other drivers’ reactions, make split-second decisions, all while being on the lookout for cops. And most improtantly, you have to realize, that some days, you just aren’t gonna get anywhere fast, so just chill the fuck out, roll the windows down, crank up the tunes and just drive.I wasn’t in any particular hurry today, I rarely am, and everyone was out ofr a Sunday afternoon drive, so I had the time to concentrate on the drivers around me. There was this one young girl in particular that I found rather fascinating. She was 17-18, high school girl, in a brand new eclipse, graduation present type. I’m not sure if she was trying to impress her passenger with her fancy car, but every five seconds she would be stomping on the brakes, switching lanes and flooring it, only to have to break again shortly after. She was expending a whole lot of energy, but not getting anywhere fast. See she wasn’t reading the road. She had no idea what she was doing, and unknowingly making my drive much more eventful. Initially she had come flying up behind me, and I had moved out of her way. Traffic was slow, but I figured if she was in that much of a hurry, maybe riding the guys ass in front of me would make him move and she’d at least be one more car length ahead. So she flys up, breaking at the last moment on this guys ass, sits there for a couple of seconds, switches inot the far lane, cutting me off in the process, and speeds ahead a few car lengths before having to slam on her brakes again. She continued to do this. 25km later she is sitting in the lane beside me, not 50 miles ahead of me where I’m sure she wished she was. It was cute.See I love driving fast. I’m rarely in a hurry. I just love the rush. I love the feeling. I love flying around corners, scaring the shit out of myself going so fast sometimes. It’s fun. I know there are limits, and I push them to some extent, but I also know my limitations. Sometimes traffic is not condusive to speeding. That’s fine, I’ll just chill and drive along wit everyone else. I don’t understand people that don’t drive fast. I don’t know how they can relegate themselves to that position. I see a car in front of me and I want to catch up and pass it. Not for any particular reason other than to be in front of him. When I finally pass him there will inevitably be another, so I’ll have to keep it up. A never ending circle. And when the road is empty, it’s even more reason to fly. No one is around.


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