Brilliant Idea!

I had a brilliant idea when I was in the shower today.
Normally, when I need to shave, I do it right after I’ve had a shower as it seems to work best that way (with the skin all soft and whatnot). So I shower, get out, dry off, shave, rinse off, dry, and done.
Why don’t I shave in the shower? Because I don’t have a mirror in the shower. So why don’t I get one? I will! I’m going to buy a fogproof mirror, and then I can shave in the shower. Except I won’t keep the water running, b/c that’s a waste. I’ll get in the shower, wash, and then shut off the water, shave in my super cool new mirror, turn the water back on, rinse, and I’m done. Amazing!
I’m so clever.


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