So I took last Friday off to find a job. I actually took the day off b/c I was supposed to go see my little bro, but he isn’t leaving until next monday now, so I’m going next weekend. Round about noon I sent out 7 resumes. At one o’clock the calls started to come in. 2 interviews at decent places. Then at 2:30 this guy calls and starts talking to me like he knows me. Doesn’t introduce himself until halfway through the conversation. I knew where he was calling from from the caller ID but still… So it turns out he’s the owner of a hydraulics company here in town and owns a powder coating (painting) company, and some other company. Calling to offer me a job. He’s never met me. He’s never seen me. A quick 3 min talk on the phone and he offers me a job. What caught his eye was my computer schooling. So this would be 2 millwright jobs that I’ve gotten b/c of that schooling. Hopefully unlike the first one I’ll actually use it this time.So I walked into my old job on Sat morning, told my boss i quit, picked up my paycheque, loaded my toolbox into the back of the truck and left. All done.So I start on Monday. Tomorrow. And to top it all off I might be sent on a job up north somewhere working on a oil rig for 4 days tomorrow. I have no idea what I’m doing, what i need, etc… AND I left my cell phone at the school where our church meets, and couldn’t get back in to get it. So I have to call the school in the morning and hope a staff member can pick it up for me before some student walks off with it. So yeah. New job tomorrow. Lots of butterflies in my stomach. But a 2 dollar an hour raise from the last place, and 2 or 3 more after 3 months. Yay for finally hitting the $20/hr mark!Now to pack in case i’m going up to that rig tomorrow…


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