Why do I even bother?

Helping ppl that is. I get calls/requests from ppl on a regular basis to help them with ther computer woes. Technical problems? I can help. Need a computer built? I do that as well. Need a network setup, or a system spec’d out? I can do all that too.What irks me is when I put time and effort into heling someone, and they don’t heed my advice, or make use of the work I have done for them. I’ve had ppl ask me to spec out a potential computer for them, gave me a big list of shit they wanted. I spent hours figuring it all out, pricing out different options, changing different variables to optimize everything, and laying it all out. What do they do? Go to a big box store and buy some piece of shit off the shelf which gave them less for their money than what I could have done. And to top it all off, they didn’t even tell me until I asked about it weeks later. Or what about when someone comes to me with a doozy of a problem? I spend time figuring out how to fix the problem. Be it struggling with them over the phone trying to help them, or spend time researching it so I can either explain to them how to do it, or fix it for them. What happens to all that time spent helping them? It is thrown away b/c they don’t have the patience and just take it into a computer store costing them LOTS of money, and wasting all my time. Or someone calls asking for help, explaining their problem, I tell them how to fix it, and they dont’ even bother doing it. They call a whole bunch of other ppl, ask them the same question, get a million different answers (b/c company computer tech ppl are full of shit), and I get a phone call back being told all this shit that these other ppl are telling him!ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!Seriously! If you want my fucking help, I really don’t mind helping you. In fact, I rather enjoy it. But don’t waste my time. Don’t ask for something unless you are going to actually consider it. And DON’T ask for technical support and then take it into a fucking shop!


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