I’m am getting SERIOUSLY pissed right the fuck off because of this fucking bullshit! I go to Yahoo! to watch music videos. Except it won’t let me, because they are not allowed to show them outside of the US because of copyright laws. So I try MTV.com, same thing. Copyright. Then I see that certain shows are now available on the internet. So if I miss an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I don’t need to fret, I just have to go to the ABC site and I can watch it there. Or so I thought, but no. Same with a CBS show, The Unit. It has full episodes online. But can I watch them? No, because of these same FUCKING copyright laws. Seriously!?!??! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH FUCKING AMERICA!! I can watch all the same shows on TV, but not on the internet. I thought the internet was all about freedom of information and all that shit? You never used to be able to limit content to ppl from only certain countries. That was one of the joys of the internet, you could surf whereever, see whatever, all from the comfort of your own home. There were no limitations. But then the fucking government has to put it’s fucking nose in where it doesn’t belong. So now, all those piracy ads on TV, and in theaters, they can lick my hairy nut sack. Them and all their fucking rules. I never really cared before, but sometimes I’d feel a twinge of guilt and buy it. Not anymore. FUCK YOU RIAA, FUCK YOU US Gov’t, FUCK YOU ANYONE THAT SAYS ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY!
(btw, if anyone knows a way to mask your ip, or knows of a browser within a browser so I can access this stuff, please let me know)


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