That hurt

So today I made a left turn that cost me $172. 😦

I was looking for this pawn store on Whore Alley….errr 17th Ave. that apparently has a bunch of airtools on sale. I missed my turn, so I turned off, and was going to make a loop when I turned down this street, and Mr. Cop waves me to the side. Me and 4 others. Turns out that between 3:30 and 8, left turns onto that street are illegal. And there are 2 signs that were supposedly telling me so. Too bad in my flustered state I completely missed them. Apparently so did all these other people. So we all got served with this huge ass fucking ticket.

I guess I kinda have it coming, Karma style. See I speed all the time. Well not ALL the time. But 75% of the time. The remainder being the time I’m stuck in rush hour traffic and not able to. I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket since last May, and that was just due to my lack of attention b/c it was photo radar. So I am kinda just getting my just desserts. But still…I could be going pretty fricking fast to get a 172 dollar ticket. This blows.

So anyway, that was the most expensive left turn of my life.

(oh, and i’m using blogger beta now, i hope it doesn’t change anything)


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