I don’t know about me. I’m leaving for Edmonton in half an hour here, and I have all the sound gear for church tomorrow morning sitting in my front entrance. Of course they forgot that I am gone for the weekend, so there it sits. I had totally forgotten about it until late last night. And so, instead of calling someone to come get it, and possibly inconvenienceing them, I’m going to drive to Edmonton (3 hrs), hang out, etc… and at 6am, I will drive back down here to grab the sound gear and have it at church for the 9 o’clock setup. I also doubt there is anyone around who would be able to pick up the sound gear, as there is a big church retreat this weekend, and most of them are out of town at that thing, including all the ppl that generally do anything with the church.
It’s a good thing the clocks turn back an hour, I’m gonna need that extra sleep.


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