Things I’ve learned this Christmas Season

It is strange celebrating Christmas minus a younger brother, made all the weirder to think, while opening presents, that he is on the otherside of the world, is some sandy-garbage dump of a country, getting shot at. Life doesn’t make sense sometimes.

Kwanzaa is retarded.

Putting Vicks under your nose and then eating supper is a bad idea.

barista brat is a fun blog to read. She works for Starbucks and always has a fun story or two.

Having Mama Bean home, for good this time, makes the world such a brighter place. Some days it doesn’t feel like it’s been 3 years.

Being sick just after Christmas sucks, but it isn’t nearly as bad as being sick on Christmas.

A couple of Aspirin, a shot of Benylin all-in-one, and a double dose of extra-strength neo-citrin works great for getting rid of flu symptoms and knocking me out for a good long sleep.

My family and my soon-to-be inlaws get along well.

The gift giving part of Christmas doesn’t have to be important, but if you are giving a gift, make sure there is some thought put into it, or don’t give it at all.


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