Going ons

Alright, so I am moving.

I’m selling my house in Airdrie. It will probably sell for a good 80-100 grand more than I paid for it, though I’ll be buying a house almost double the price I paid for this one. Paid 180, hoping to sell for 270, and am looking to buy in the low 300’s.

I’m buying a house this time too, no more of this condo/attached bullshit. I won’t have a garage any longer, but I’ll sacrifice that to not share a wall with someone, even though it is only one and they are very quiet. It’s more me worrying about being to loud. Like when I practice my bass, or watch movies, or listen to my music. See I like to “feel” the bass, and the unfortunate thing is bass doesn’t discriminate, it travels through walls, floors and space, so I’m always scared it’s too loud and annoying the neighbours, who I quite like b/c they are so quiet.

We are meeting with our realtor on the weekend, and hopefully the morgage guy soon as well.

Wedding plans are also coming along nicely. We have most of the stuff booked, and are going to finish registering on the weekend. We’ve registered at Sears and The Bay. It’s nice b/c they are both nation-wide and accessible via the internet for the convenience of all.

I’m quite enjoying my new job as well. I enjoy working with computers. There is so much to learn, and I don’t get dirty. šŸ™‚


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