Highlights from Yesterday

Met the owner of a drafting company that does work for a lot of the big oil companies who thinks he is king shit, and refers to his drafters as chimps. He’s a royal asshole, but might be buying $120,000 of software from us, so I’ll put up with his bullshit as long as none of it is directed at me.

Got pulled over by a nice policeman who informed me that the speed limit changes from 60 down to 50, not 60 up to 80. He then checked to make sure I had a drivers license and let me off on my merry way asking me to slow down.

Helped some demanding woman with her AutoCAD issues. She insisted that we come down to her office to help her with it, and it turned out she could have just asked some simple questions over the phone and saved us all the hassle. So I gave her a bill for 2 hours at $120/hr. I don’t think she’ll be harassing us again anytime soon.

Learned to play Bombtrack by Rage Against the Machine. The whole song, not just the really cool bass solo intro.

Continued to miss my laptop which died last week. Being the amazing computerless IT guy sucks.

Stressed about getting these proposals done for a couple of classes I will be teaching in May at Destination Desktop, a CAD camp that we put on once a year. This years is at BCIT, and I’ll be doing 2 ninety minute classes, one on this license manager that Autodesk products use, and one on Vault, a data management program used to organize CAD documents. It should be interesting, but I’ve never done 90 minute presentations before, and it kinda scares the shit outta me. But it’s $300/class for me, and I get a free flight to BC. It’s also Thurs-Sat, so I’m still getting paid for my regular workday.

Learned how to play Texas hold’em a little better. My buddy Andrew has been teaching me. There is a lot more to it than I thought. It’s fun though


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